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forum [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Latin; akin to foris, foras, out of doors. Related to Foreign.
(Irregular plural: fora or forums).
A public meeting or assembly for open discussion.
A public place to meet for open discussion; SYN. assembly, meeting place.
Market place; general meeting place; place for discussion; law courts.
In an ancient Roman town, the meeting place and market, like the Greek agora. At Rome the Forum Romanum contained the Senate House, the public speaking platform, covered halls for trading, temples of Saturn, Concord, and the Divine Augustus, and memorial arches. Later constructions included the Forum of Caesar (temple of Venus), the Forum of Augustus (temple of Mars), and the colonnaded Forum of Trajan, containing Trajan’s Column.

forum [ muški rod ]

Trg, tržište; fig. javno mesto; sud, merodavan sud, nadležno mesto.

sud [ muški rod {pravo (nauka)} ]

trg [ muški rod ]

Deo grada.

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