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forth [ prilog ]
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(Homonym: fourth).
Forward in time or order or degree; SYN. forward, onward.
Out into view.
River in SE Scotland, with its headstreams rising on the northeast slopes of Ben Lomond. It flows approximately km/mi to Kincardine where the Firth of Forth begins. The Firth is approximately km/mi long, and is km/mi wide where it joins the North Sea.
At Queensferry near Edinburgh are the Forth rail (189and road (196bridges. The Forth and Clyde Canal (1768–9across the lowlands of Scotland links the Firth with the river Clyde, Grangemouth to Bowling (km/mi). A coalfield was located beneath the Firth of Forth 1976.

dalje [ prilog ]

unapred [ prilog ]

van [ prilog ]


forth [ predlog {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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Fforth from; out of

napred [ predlog ]

Forth [ imenica {računari} ]
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A programming language originated by Charles Moore in the late 1960s. Moore chose the language’s name, a shortened version of the word fourth, because he believed it was a fourth-generation language and his operating system would allow him to use only five letters for a program name. Forth is an interpreted, structured language that uses threading, which lets programmers easily extend the language and enables Forth to fit a great deal of functionality into limited space. Unlike most other programming languages, Forth uses postfix notation for its mathematical expressions and requires the programmer to work with the program stack directly. See also 4GL, interpreted language, postfix notation, stack, threading.

Forth [ muški rod {računari} ]

Jedinstveni programski jezik koji omogućava programerima da definišu svoje naredbe na osnovu prethodno definisanih jednostavnijih naredbi. Forth nije široko prihvaćen, iako su mu sledebnici kultno privrženi.

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