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force [ imenica ]
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Any influence that tends to change the state of rest or the uniform motion in a straight line of a body. The action of an unbalanced or resultant force results in the acceleration of a body in the direction of action of the force, or it may, if the body is unable to move freely, result in its deformation (see Hooke's law). Force is a vector quantity, possessing both magnitude and direction; its si unit is the newton.
According to Newton’s second law of motion the magnitude of a resultant force is equal to the rate of change of momentum of the body on which it acts; the force F producing an acceleration a m s-2 on a body of mass m kilograms is therefore given by: F = ma See also Newton’s laws of motion.
Physical energy or intensity:; SYN. forcefulness, strength.
The physical influence that produces a change in a physical quantity
A powerful effect or influence:
Group of people willing to obey orders; SYN. personnel.
A group of people having the power of effective action

moć [ ženski rod ]

Sila, snaga.

sila [ ženski rod ]

Moć, snaga.

snaga [ ženski rod ]

Moć, sila.

vojska [ ženski rod ]

Oružane snage, armija.

force [ glagol ]
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To do forcibly; exert force
To impose or thrust urgently, importunately, or inexorably; SYN. thrust.
To physical or metaphorical, as in; SYN. run, drive, ram.

forsirati [ glagol ]

Ubrzati posao, ubrzavati posao, zapeti, zapinjati (pa raditi);
Prisiliti, prisiljavati, nagoniti, nagnati, naterati, naterivati, primoravati (da se nešto što brže uradi);
Iznuditi, iznuđivati, silom uzeti;
Preterati, prenagliti;
U vistu: baciti kartu koju protivnik nema i time ga primorati da je seče adutom;
voj. Pod borbom zauzeti, osvojiti.

isforsirati [ glagol ]

naterati [ glagol ]


prinuditi [ glagol ]

prisiliti [ glagol ]

Prinuditi, primorati.

prodreti [ glagol ]

savladati [ glagol ]

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