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flood [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. flod a flowing, stream, flood, AS. flôd; akin to Dutch vloed, OS. flôd, Old High Germ. fluot, German flut, Icel. flôth, Swed. and Dan. flod, Goth. flôdus; from the root of Eng. flow. Related to Flow.
The rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land; SYN. inundation, deluge.
The act of flooding; filling to overflowing.
An overwhelming number or amount; SYN. deluge, torrent.
A large flow; SYN. overflow, outpouring.
A source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography; SYN. floodlight, flood lamp, photoflood.
The inward flow of the tide; -Shakespeare.

poplava [ ženski rod ]

Razliv, izlivanje, plavljenje, potop.

potok [ muški rod ]

Manji vodeni tok, manja tekuća voda.

potop [ muški rod ]

Poplava velikih razmera.

flood [ glagol ]
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To become filled to overflowing
To cover with liquid, usually water
To supply with an excess of; SYN. oversupply.

preplaviti [ glagol ]

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