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flies [ N/A {muva} ]
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While there are over 120,0species of flies, the 6 species which represent the vast majority of the problems for humans and animals are house, stable, flesh, blow, blue & green bottle, and dump flies.
Flies have been around as long as mankind and have been found in all seven continents. It has been documented that the fly transmits deadly diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, anthrax, leprosy and tuberculosis just to name a few. In many instances, flies are the indirect cause of low cattle weight and poultry death.
A Fly Is Born… During a fly's lifetime (usually a day cycle), a female fly will lay anywhere from 400-6eggs. Each fly egg hatches into a small, grub-like, creature (larvae), which looks more like an inchworm than a fly. By eating nutrients from soil, ponds or even in the sea, larvae will grow to adult fly size within a few days.
- Some Other Facts About Flies:
- Flies have over 4,0facets for sight in each eye.
- Flies are attracted by movement more than color.
- Flies have a smelling distance of over 7yards.
- A fly's feeding range is usually limited to two miles.
- A single garbage can, if not emptied, can be the breeding ground for 30,0flies.
- During warm weather, a fly can produce a family generation in less than two weeks.

muve [ N/A {muva} ]

Za muve najvažniji organ ukusa su oge obrasle tankim dlačicama na kojima se nalaze ćelije koje im šalju signal da li je "ručak" ukusan ili ne.

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