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flat [ pridev ]
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Having a horizontal surface in which no part is higher or lower than another; SYN. level, plane.
Having no depth or thickness.
Lacking variety in shading.
(Photography) Lacking contrast or shading between tones.
(Of a tire) Completely or partially deflated.
Stretched out and lying at full length along the ground; SYN. prostrate.
Parallel to the ground.
Not reflecting light; not glossy; SYN. mat, matt, matte, matted.
Without pleats; SYN. unpleated.
1Having lost effervescence.
1Not increasing as the amount taxed increases; SYN. fixed.
1Not made with leavening; SYN. unraised.
1(Music) Lowered in pitch by one chromatic semitone.

paušalan [ pridev ]

pljosnat [ pridev ]

prosečan [ pridev ]

flat [ imenica ]
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A deflated pneumatic tire; SYN. flat tire.
A level tract of land.
A notation indicating one half step lower than the note named.
A shallow box in which seedlings are started.
A wooden frame covered with painted canvas; part of a stage setting.

glupak [ muški rod ]

paušalna taksa [ ženski rod ]

ravan [ ženski rod ]

Ravna površina, ravnica.

ravnina [ ženski rod ]

spoljašnost [ ženski rod ]

sprat [ muški rod ]


stan [ muški rod ]

Dom, prebivalište, prostorija za stanovanje.

stan na spratu [ muški rod ]

zaravan [ ženski rod ]


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