fanfare | englesko - srpski prevod



ETYM French Cf. Fanfaron.
A flourish of trumpets, as in coming into the lists, etc.; also, a short and lively air performed on hunting horns during the chase.
A ceremonial short and brilliant tune for trumpets, or a piece for other instruments imitating the effect of trumpets. Written traditionally for valveless (natural) instruments, fanfares typically include notes of the major triad and diatonic scale. An example of a fanfare is the introduction to Act II of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde 1865.

1. fanfara

ženski rodmuzika

Limeni duvački instrument; komad koji izvode samo trube; vesela lovačka kompozicija; kratka i treštava svirka trubama (u konjici); fig. galama, buka, razmetanje, hvalisanje.