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face [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Latin facies form, shape, face, perh. from facere to make (see Fact); or perh. orig. meaning appearance, and from a root meaning to shine, and akin to Eng. fancy. Related to Facetious.
The front of the head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear; SYN. human face.
The part of an animal corresponding to the human face.
The general outward appearance of something.
(Synecdoche) A part of a person is used to refer to a person.
The act of confronting bravely; SYN. facing.
A vertical surface of a building or cliff.
Status in the eyes of others.
The side upon which the use of a thing depends (usually the most prominent surface of an object).
The striking or working surface of an implement.
In geometry, a plane surface of a solid enclosed by edges. A cube has six square faces, a cuboid has six rectangular faces, and a tetrahedron has four triangular faces.

drskost [ ženski rod ]

Arogantnost, neuljudnost, bezobzirnost, bestidnost.

grimasa [ ženski rod ]

Kreveljenje, bekeljenje; isrivljeno (ili iscereno) lice; fig. pretvaranje, pritvorstvo, licemerstvo. (fr.)

izgled [ muški rod ]

Namera, plan u budućnosti, verovatnoća.

izgled dokumenta [ muški rod ]

lice [ imenica ]


ličnost [ ženski rod ]

Osoba, lice, persona.

površina [ ženski rod ]

Spoljna stran nečega, površ.

umanjenje [ imenica ]

vid [ muški rod ]

Čulo gledanja, osećaj koji se prima očima.

face [ glagol ]
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To turn so as to face; to turn the face in a certain direction.
To be opposite.
To cover the front or surface of.
To line near the edge with a different material, as of a garment.

gledati ka [ glagol ]

odupreti [ glagol ]

suočiti se [ glagol ]

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