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escheat [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. eschete, escheyte, an escheat, from Old Fren. escheit, escheoit, escheeite, esheoite, from escheoir (French échoir) to fall to, fall to the lot of; pref. es- (Latin ex) + cheoir, French choir, to fall, from Latin cadere. Related to Chance, Cheat.
A reversion to the state (as the ultimate owner of property) in the absence of legal heirs.
The property that reverts to the state.
Reversion of land to feudal lord, crown or state, due to failure of heirs.
In feudal society, the reversion of lands to the lord in the event of the tenant dying without heirs or being convicted for treason. By the late Middle Ages in W Europe, tenants had insured against their lands escheating by granting them to trustees, or feoffees, who would pass them on to the grantor nominated in the will. Lands held directly by the king could not legally be disposed of in this way.

povraćeno dobro [ imenica ]

povraćaj državnog vlasništva [ muški rod ]

provraćaj dobra [ muški rod ]

escheat [ glagol ]
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To revert or cause to revert..

konfiskovati [ glagol ]

Zapleniti, oduzeti imovinu ili deo imovine privatnom licu u korist države;
Zapleniti štampane stvari (lat.)

oduzeti [ glagol ]

pripasti [ glagol ]

zapleniti [ glagol ]

zauzeti [ glagol ]

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