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The branch of physics dealing with electrons, electronic devices, and electrical circuits.
Branch of science that deals with the emission of electrons from conductors and semiconductors, with the subsequent manipulation of these electrons, and with the construction of electronic devices. The first electronic device was the thermionic valve, or vacuum tube, in which electrons moved in a vacuum, and led to such inventions as radio, television, radar, and the digital computer. Replacement of valves with the comparatively tiny and reliable transistor from 1948 revolutionized electronic development. Modern electronic devices are based on minute integrated circuits (silicon chips), wafer-thin crystal slices holding tens of thousands of electronic components.
By using solid-state devices such as integrated circuits, extremely complex electronic circuits can be constructed, leading to the development of digital watches, pocket calculators, powerful microcomputers, and word processors.
The branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and with the use of electronic devices.

1. elektronika

ženski rod

Nauka koja se bavi problemima kretanja atoma u električnom i magnetskom polju, kao i primenom tih pojava u praktične svrhe, elektronika kao naučna disciplina proučava strujanje elektrona kroz prazan prostor, kroz gasove i poluprovodnike. (grč.)

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