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driver [ imenica {računari} ]
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That part of a database management system that interfaces directly with a database. Drivers are part of the back end.
A hardware device or a program that controls or regulates another device. A line driver, for example, boosts signals transmitted over a communications line. A software driver is a device-specific control program that enables a computer to work with a particular device, such as a printer or a disk drive. Because the driver handles device-specific features, the operating system is freed from the burden of having to understand—and support—the needs of individual hardware devices. See also device driver.
In computing, a program that controls a peripheral device. Every device connected to the computer needs a driver program.
The driver ensures that communication between the computer and the device is successful.
For example, it is often possible to connect many different types of printer, each with its own special operating codes, to the same type of computer. This is because driver programs are supplied to translate the computer's standard printing commands into the special commands needed for each printer.

drajver [ muški rod {računari} ]

Upravljački program za uređaj, program koji upravlja radom uređaja. Upravljački programi za uređaje su neophodni za upravljanje uređajima (miš, jedinica trake, CD plejer) pošto je računar nesposoban da to sam uradi.

driver [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Drive.
The operator of a motor vehicle.
Someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle.
(Computer science) A program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device; SYN. device driver.
A golf club used for hitting long shots from the tee; SYN. number one wood.
A golfer who hits the golf ball with a driver.

kočijaš [ muški rod ]

Vozač kočije.

mašinist [ muški rod ]

Rukovalac mašinom, mašinovođa; gradilac mašina; poz. nadzornik mašina.

tropski migratorni mrav [ muški rod {bube} ]

pobuđivač [ muški rod ]

pogon [ muški rod ]

pogonaš [ muški rod ]

gonič [ muški rod ]

pokretač [ muški rod ]


vozač [ muški rod ]

Upravljač vozila.

šofer [ muški rod ]

Ložač; danas: upravljač, vozar automobila.

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