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drag [ imenica ]
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The act of dragging (pulling with force).
The phenomenon of resistance to motion through a fluid; SYN. retarding force.
Resistance to motion a body experiences when passing through a fluid—gas or liquid. The aerodynamic drag aircraft experience when traveling through the air represents a great waste of power, so they must be carefully shaped, or streamlined, to reduce drag to a minimum. Automobiles benefit from streamlining, and aerodynamic drag is used to slow down spacecraft returning from space. Boats traveling through water experience hydrodynamic drag on their hulls, and the fastest vessels are hydrofoils, whose hulls lift out of the water while cruising.

vozilo na točkovima [ imenica ]

dosadan događaj [ muški rod ]

drljača [ ženski rod ]

kola [ ženski rod ]

farm. Na receptima: procedi, filtriraj;
lepak, klija, ćiriš, tutkalo.

kočnica [ ženski rod ]

mreža [ ženski rod ]

nešto dosadno [ imenica ]

trenje [ imenica ]


paočanica [ ženski rod ]

povlačna mreža [ ženski rod ]

prepreka [ ženski rod ]

prevlačenje [ imenica ]

saonice [ N/A ]


smetnja [ ženski rod ]

teret [ muški rod ]

Breme, tovar.

ulica [ ženski rod ]

Gradska saobraćajnica.

uvlačenje [ imenica ]

povlačenje [ imenica ]

vrsta sporog plesa [ ženski rod ]

vuča [ ženski rod ]

zapreka [ ženski rod ]

zatvorska kazna [ ženski rod {N/A} ]

ženska odeća koju nose muškarci [ ženski rod ]

čeoni otpor [ muški rod ]

drag [ glagol ]
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To pull, as against a resistance.
To move slowly and as if with great effort.
To persuade to come away from something attractive or interesting.
To proceed for an extended period of time; SYN. drag on, drag out.
To lag or linger behind; SYN. trail, get behind, hang back, drop behind.
To use a computer mouse to move icons on the screen and select commands from a menu.

bagerisati [ glagol ]

crtati [ glagol ]

dovući [ glagol ]

kočiti [ glagol ]

navući [ glagol ]

otegnuti se [ glagol ]

očistiti [ glagol ]

pretražiti mrežom [ glagol ]

tragati pomoću mreže [ glagol ]

usporavati [ glagol ]

vući [ glagol ]

Nositi, tegliti.

drag [ glagol {računari} ]
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In graphical user interface environments, to move an image or a window from one place on the screen to another by “grabbing” it and pulling it to its new location using the mouse. The mouse pointer is positioned over the object, and the mouse button is pressed and held while the mouse is moved to the new location.

prevući [ glagol {računari} ]

Premestiti objekat na ekranu pomoću miša. Prvo morate da izaberete (istaknete) objekat koji želite postavljajući na njega pokazivač miša i pritiskajući levi taster miša. Zatim držite pritisnut levi taster miša i pomerite ga. Time se objekat pomera unaokolo.

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