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dot-matrix printer


Sinonimi: matrix printer | wire matrix printer | wire printer | dot printer | stylus printer

Any printer that produces characters made up of dots using a wire-pin print head. The quality of output from a dot-matrix printer depends largely on the number of dots in the matrix, which might be low enough to show individual dots or might be high enough to approach the look of fully formed characters. Dot-matrix printers are often categorized by the number of pins in the print head—typically 9, 18, or 24. Compare daisy-wheel printer, laser printer.
A printer in which each character is represented by a pattern of dots; SYN. matrix printer, wire matrix printer, wire printer, dot printer, stylus printer.
Computer printer that produces each character individually by printing a pattern, or matrix, of very small dots. The printing head consists of a vertical line or block of either 9 or 24 printing pins. As the printing head is moved from side to side across the paper, the pins are pushed forward selectively to strike an inked ribbon and build up the dot pattern for each character on the paper beneath.
A dot matrix printer is more flexible than a daisywheel printer because it can print graphics and text in many different typefaces. It is cheaper to buy and maintain than a laser printer or ink-jet printer, and, because its pins physically strike the paper, is capable of producing carbon copies. However, it is noisy in operation and cannot produce the high-quality printing associated with the nonimpact printers.

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