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discourse [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin discursus a running to and fro, discourse, from discurrere, discursum, to run to and fro, to discourse; dis- + currere to run: cf. French discours. Related to Course.
Extended verbal expression in speech or writing.

diskurs [ muški rod {lingvistika} ]

Razgovaranje, razgovor; govor, beseda, predavanje, izlaganje. (lat.)

govor [ muški rod ]

Priča, beseda.

javni govor [ muški rod ]

moć govora [ ženski rod ]

predavanje [ imenica ]

razgovor [ muški rod ]

Dijalog, razgovaranje.

discourse [ glagol ]
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To talk or hold forth formally.
To consider or examine in speech or writing; SYN. talk about, discuss.
The way in which speech or written language fits together to make an intelligible pattern.

govoriti [ glagol ]


predavati [ glagol ]

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