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discharge [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French décharge. Related to Discharge.
In a river, the volume of water passing a certain point per unit of time. It is usually expressed in cubic meters per second (cumecs). The discharge of a particular river channel may be calculated by multiplying the channel's cross-sectional area (in square meters) by the velocity of the water (in meters per second).
A substance that is emitted or released; SYN. emission.
Any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body; SYN. emission, expelling.
Electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field; SYN. spark, arc, electric arc, electric discharge.
The act of discharging a gun; SYN. firing, firing off.
The act of venting; SYN. venting.
The pouring forth of a fluid; SYN. outpouring, run.
The sudden giving off of energy.

gnojenje [ imenica ]

iskrcavanje [ imenica ]

Istovar, iskrcaj.

ispaljivanje [ ženski rod ]

isplata [ ženski rod ]


ispuštanje [ imenica ]

istovar [ muški rod ]

Iskrcaj, iskrcavanje.

istovarivanje [ imenica ]

izmirenje [ imenica ]

izvršenje [ imenica ]

oslobađanje [ imenica ]

oslobođenje [ imenica ]

otpuštanje [ imenica ]

Otkaz, otpust.

pražnjenje [ imenica ]

pucanje [ imenica ]

ulivanje reke u more [ imenica ]

vršenje [ imenica ]

istovar robe [ muški rod ]

discharge [ glagol ]
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To eliminate, as of bodily substances; SYN. expel, eject, release.
To pour forth or release; esp. of liquids.
To release from military service; SYN. muster out.
To remove the charge from.
To fire a weapon.

ispunjavati [ glagol ]

iskrcati [ glagol ]

ispaliti [ glagol ]

Proizvesti pucanj, opaliti.

isplatiti [ glagol ]

isprazniti [ glagol ]

Otići iz čega.

istovariti [ glagol ]

izvršiti [ glagol ]

opaliti [ glagol ]

Ispucati hitac iz oružja.

osloboditi [ glagol ]


otpustiti [ glagol ]

prazniti se [ glagol ]

vršiti [ glagol ]

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