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In communications, the means by which a modem converts data from modulated carrier frequencies (waves that have been modified in such a way that variations in amplitude and frequency represent meaningful information) over a telephone line. Data is converted to the digital form needed by a computer to which the modem is attached, with as little distortion as possible. Compare modulation (definition 1).
(Electronics) The reception of a signal by extracting it from the carrier wave.
In radio, the technique of separating a transmitted audio frequency signal from its modulated radio carrier wave. At the transmitter the audio frequency signal (representing speech or music, for example) may be made to modulate the amplitude (AM broadcasting) or frequency (FM broadcasting) of a continuously transmitted radio-frequency carrier wave. At the receiver, the signal from the aerial is demodulated to extract the required speech or sound component. In early radio systems, this process was called detection. See modulation.

1. demodulacija

ženski rodtelekomunikacije

Proces suprotan modulaciji (lat.)

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