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deep [ prilog ]
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To an advanced time; SYN. late.
Far into space

daleko dole [ prilog ]

duboko [ prilog ]

tamno [ prilog ]

deep [ imenica ]
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An especially deep part of a sea or ocean; SYN. oceanic abyss.
A vast or immeasurable extent; abyss
The extent of surrounding space or time
Any of the deep portions of a body of water; specifically; a generally long and narrow area in the ocean where the depth exceeds 30fathoms (55meters)
The middle or most intense part
Any of the fathom points on a sounding line other than the marks

dubina [ ženski rod ]

dubina mora [ ženski rod ]

duboko mesto [ imenica ]

deep [ pridev ]
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Extending relatively far inward
Having great spatial extension or penetration; downward ;); or laterally ); or outward from a center (sports); sometimes used in combination
Relatively deep or strong; affecting one deeply
Marked by depth of thinking; SYN. profound, pensive, ponderous.
Relatively thick from top to bottom
Very distant in time or space
With head or back bent low
Exhibiting great cunning usually with secrecy
1Large in quantity or size
1Strong; intense; SYN. rich.

dubok [ pridev ]

lukav [ pridev ]


nedokučiv [ pridev ]

ozbiljan [ pridev ]

snažan [ pridev ]

Jak, silan.

visok [ pridev ]

Velikog rasta.

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