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crown jewels


Or regalia; Symbols of royal authority. The British set (except for the Ampulla and the Anointing Spoon) were broken up at the time of Oliver Cromwell, and now date from the Restoration. In 1671 Colonel Blood attempted to steal them, but was captured, then pardoned and pensioned by Charles II. They are kept in the Tower of London in the Crown Jewel House (1967).
Main items include St Edward’s Crown; the Imperial State Crown; the jeweled Sword of State, used only at the Coronation; the Sword of State used at the opening of Parliament and on other state occasions; the Curtana (Sword of Mercy); the Swords of Temporal and Spiritual Justice; the Orb; the Royal Scepter or Scepter with the Cross (containing the great Star of Africa, cut from the Cullinan diamond); the Rod with the Dove; St Edward’s Staff; the Spurs; the Coronation Ring (the “Wedding Ring of England”); the Armills (gold bracelets, given by the Commonwealth countries in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II); the Ampulla (which contains oil for the anointing); and the Anointing Spoon.The jewellery and other paraphernalia worn by a sovereign on state occasions.

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