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courage [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. corage heart, mind, will, courage, Old Fren. corage, French courage, from a Late Lat. derivative of Latin cor heart. Related to Heart.
A quality of spirit that enables one to face danger of pain without showing fear; SYN. courageousness, bravery.

hrabrost [ ženski rod ]

Smelost, odvažnost.

naklonjenost [ ženski rod ]

odvažnost [ ženski rod ]

Smelost, hrabrost.

požuda [ ženski rod ]

Strast, pasija.

kuraž [ muški rod ]

Hrabrost, srčanost, odvažnost; pr. kuražan.

seksualna želja [ ženski rod ]

smelost [ ženski rod ]

Odvažnost, hrabrost.

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