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Descendant of those ancient Egyptians who adopted Christianity in the 1st century and refused to convert to Islam after the Arab conquest. They now form a small minority (about 5%) of Egypt’s population. Coptic is a member of the Hamito-Semitic language family. It is descended from the language of the ancient Egyptians and is the ritual language of the Coptic Christian church. It is written in the Greek alphabet with some additional characters derived from demotic script.
The head of the Coptic church is the Patriarch of Alexandria, from 1971 Shenouda III (1923– ), 117th pope of Alexandria. Imprisoned by President Sadat 1981, he is opposed by Muslim fundamentalists.
Before the Arab conquest a majority of Christian Egyptians had adopted Monophysite views (that Christ had “one nature” rather than being both human and divine). When this was condemned by the Council of Chalcedon 451, they became schismatic and were persecuted by the orthodox party, to which they were opposed on nationalistic as well as religious grounds. They readily accepted Arab rule, but were later subjected to persecution by their new masters. They are mainly town-dwellers, distinguishable in dress and customs from their Muslim compatriots. They rarely marry outside their own sect.

1. Kopt

muški rod

Pripadnik egipatske etničke grupe, pravoslavac u Egiptu.

2. nearapski Egipćanin

muški rod

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