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cool [ pridev ]
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Slightly cold; SYN. cold, fresh, dank, chilled, chilly.
Neither warm or very cold; giving relief from heat.
Psychologically cool; unfriendly or unresponsive or showing dislike.
Calm and unemotional.
Disinterested or dispassionate.
(Music) Restrained and fluid and marked by intricate harmonic structures often lagging slightly behind the beat.
Marked by calm self-control especially in trying circumstances; SYN. coolheaded, nerveless.
(Color) Inducing the impression of coolness; used especially of greens and blues and violets.
(Informal) Marked by great skill or facility.
1(Informal; of a number or sum) Without exaggeration or qualification; SYN. unqualiied.
1(Informal) Socially adept.

hladan [ pridev ]

hladnjikav [ pridev ]

nezainteresovan [ pridev ]

odbojan [ pridev ]

odličan [ pridev ]

pribran [ pridev ]

prohladan [ pridev ]

smiren [ pridev ]

staložen [ pridev ]

cool [ imenica ]
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The quality of being cool.

hladnoća [ ženski rod ]


hladovina [ ženski rod ]

pribranost [ ženski rod ]

svežina [ ženski rod ]

cool [ glagol ]
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To loose heat; SYN. chill, cool down.
To lose intensity; SYN. cool off, cool down.
To make cool or cooler; SYN. chill, cool down.

hladiti [ glagol ]

ohladiti se [ glagol ]

rashladiti [ glagol ]

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