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converse [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin conversus, p. p. of convertere. Related to Convert.
Of words so related that one reverses the relation denoted by the other.
Turned about in order or relation; SYN. reversed, transposed.

obrnut [ pridev ]

obrnutog mišljenja [ pridev ]

suprotan [ pridev ]

converse [ imenica ]
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(Logic) A proposition obtained by conversion.

suprotnost [ ženski rod ]

obrnuta tvrdnja [ ženski rod ]

suprotan stav [ muški rod ]

converse [ glagol ]
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To carry on a conversation; SYN. discourse.
In mathematics, the reversed order of a conditional statement; the converse of the statement “if a, then b” is “if b, then a”. The converse does not always hold true; for example, the converse of “if x = then x2 = 9” is “if x2 = then x = 3”, which is not true, as x could also be -3.

govoriti [ glagol ]


konverzirati [ glagol ]

Razgovarati, zabavljati se razgovorom; učiti strani jezik razgovorom. (lat.)

razgovarati [ glagol ]

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