contrapposto | englesko - srpski prevod



In the visual arts, a pose in which one part of the body twists away from another part, the weight of the body being balanced on one leg rather than two. First achieved in Greek sculpture of the 6th century BC, contrapposto was revived in the free-standing statues of the Renaissance, notably Donatello’s David 1430s (Bargello, Florence) and Michelangelo’s David 1504 (Accademia, Florence).
Allowing for greater expressiveness and a use of sinuous line, it was subsequently employed and much elaborated upon by Mannerist painters and sculptors.

1. kontrapost

muški rod

U vajarskim radovima: ritmička ravnoteža delova tela koji se nalaze u različitim pokretima; ret. = antiteza. (ital.)

2. uvrtanje oko svoje ose


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