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Prevod reči: commute

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commute [ glagol ]
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To exchange a penalty for a less severe one; SYN. convert, exchange.
To transpose and remain equal in value; of variables or operators, in mathematics; SYN. transpose.
To travel back and forth regularly, as between one's place of work and home; SYN. travel back and forth.
Exchange especially for something less, or many small amounts for one large amount; substitute a lighter penalty for; travel regularly between home and work.

kompenzirati [ glagol ]

Naknaditi, naknađivati, vratiti, izravnati, izravnavati, otštetiti; izravnati se, izravnavati se, poravnati se, poravanavati se, nagoditi se. (lat.)

menjati [ glagol ]

razmeniti [ glagol ]

redovno putovati na posao [ glagol ]

regulisati smer struje [ glagol ]

trampiti [ glagol ]

ublažiti [ glagol ]

zameniti [ glagol ]

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