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ETYM French clavicorde, from Latin clavis key + chorda string.
Like a piano but with more delicate sound.
Old keyboard stringed instrument.
Pianofortelike musical instrument, preceding pianoforte, with horizontal strings.
Small domestic keyboard instrument of delicate tone developed in the 16th century on the principal of the monochord. Notes are sounded by a metal blade striking the string. The sound is clear and precise, and a form of vibrato (bebung) is possible by varying finger pressure on the key. It was superseded in the 18th century by the fortepiano.
The first clavichords had few strings, using a keyboard-based array of metal tangents combining the function of plectrum and bridge to define and produce a range of pitches. Later instruments increased the number of strings.

1. klavikord

muški rodmuzika

Najstariji tip žicačnog instrumenta s dirkama, preteča klavira (lat.)

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