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Prevod reči: chill

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chill [ pridev ]
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Uncomfortably cool; SYN. chilly.

hladan [ pridev ]

chill [ imenica ]
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ETYM as. cele, cyle, from the same root as celan, calan, to be cold; akin to Dutch kil cold, coldness, Swed. kyla to chill, and Eng. cool. Related to Cold, Cool.
A sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever; SYN. shivering.
A sudden numbing dread; SYN. pall.
Coldness due to a cold environment; SYN. iciness, gelidity.

drhtavica [ ženski rod ]

hladnoća [ ženski rod ]


jeza [ ženski rod ]

Užas, strava.

mraz [ muški rod ]

Velika hladnoća, studen.

nazeb [ muški rod {medicina} ]


umerena hladnoća [ ženski rod ]

chill [ glagol ]
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To depress or discourage

hladiti se [ glagol ]

ohladiti [ glagol ]

prohladiti [ glagol ]

smrznuti se [ glagol ]

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