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capybara [ imenica {životinja} ]
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ETYM Spanish capibara, from the native name.
Pig-sized tailless South American amphibious rodent with partly webbed feet; largest living rodent; SYN. capibara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris.
The largest rodent, a guinea-piglike, webbed-footed mammal of S America.
World’s largest rodent Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, up to 1.3 m/4 ft long and kg/1lb in weight. It is found in South America, and belongs to the guinea-pig family. The capybara inhabits marshes and dense vegetation around water. It has thin, yellowish hair, swims well, and can rest underwater with just eyes, ears, and nose above the surface.

kapibara [ ženski rod {životinja} ]

Najveći živi glodar na svetu, živi u Južnoj Americi.

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