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Capuchin [ imenica ]
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A Franciscan monk of the austere branch established in 15by Matteo di Baschi, distinguished by wearing the long pointed cowl or capoch of St. Francis.
Member of the Franciscan order of monks in the Roman Catholic church, instituted by the Italian monk Matteo di Bassi (died 1552), who wished to return to the literal observance of the rule of St Francis. The Capuchin rule was drawn up 15and the order recognized by the pope 161The name was derived from the French term for the brown habit and pointed hood (capuche) that they wore. The order has been involved in missionary activity.

dominikanski fratar [ muški rod ]

capuchin [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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ETYM French capucin a monk who wears a cowl, from Italian cappuccio hood. Related to Capoch.
A garment for women, consisting of a cloak and hood, resembling, or supposed to resemble, that of capuchin monks.
A hooded cloak for women;Pointed hooded cloak worn by friars.

kapucin [ muški rod ]

Pripadnik katoličkog reda čiji redovnici nose smeđu mantiju s kapuljačom; (lat.)

capuchin [ imenica {životinja} ]
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Monkey of Central and South America having a cowl of thick hair on the head; SYN. ringtail, Cebus capucinus. Monkey of the genus Cebus found in Central and South America, so called because the hairs on the head resemble the cowl of a Capuchin monk. Capuchins live in small groups, feed on fruit and insects, and have a long tail that is semiprehensile and can give support when climbing through the trees.
There are now thought to be only 8yellow-breasted capuchins left in the wild, found only in the Atlantic forest in S of Bahia state.
A long-tailed South American monkey (Cabus capucinus), having the forehead naked and wrinkled, with the hair on the crown reflexed and resembling a monk's cowl, the rest being of a grayish white.

kapućin [ muški rod {životinja} ]

Američki polumajmun, sai.

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