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cantilever [ imenica ]
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Projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only.
Beam or structure that is fixed at one end only, though it may be supported at some point along its length; for example, a diving board. The cantilever principle, widely used in construction engineering, eliminates the need for a second main support at the free end of the beam, allowing for more elegant structures and reducing the amount of materials required. Many large-span bridges have been built on the cantilever principle.
A typical cantilever bridge consists of two beams cantilevered out from either bank, each supported part way along, with their free ends meeting in the middle. The multiple-cantilever Forth Rail Bridge (completed 189across the Firth of Forth in Scotland has twin main spans of 5m/1,7ft.

konzola [ ženski rod ]

Ukrasni podupirač, uvojak, konsola.
Stočić sa uvinutim nogama iz doba rokokoa;
Greda koja strči izvan zida; v. konsola (fr.)

nosač [ muški rod ]

Radnik koji prenosi teret.

podupirač [ muški rod ]

Potpora, potporanj.

prosta greda [ ženski rod {fizika} ]

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