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ETYM Cf. French cannibalisme.
Or anthropophagy; The practice of eating human flesh. The name is derived from the Caribs, a South American and West Indian people, alleged by the conquering Spaniards to eat their captives.
Cannibalism is not only found in humans. Some animal species, such as tadpoles, that develop through several stages also exhibit cannibalistic behavior. The young eat adult members of the species in order to grow faster and thus change into adults earlier. This reduces the amount of time spent in the vulnerable larval stage and so increases their chances of survival.
The reverse is filial cannibalism, in which adults eat their offspring. This is occasionally seen in newts and baboons, and more frequently in fish species where the male protects the clutch of eggs; in some cases the male fish is known to eat 5% of the offspring.
The practice of eating the flesh of one's own kind.

1. kanibalizam

muški rod

LJudožderstvo, antropofagija, pojava da čovek jede čoveka, koja je bila uobičajena u prvobitnoj epohi kod divljaka, a danas ponegde kod primitivnih plemena koja nije zahvatila civilizacija; fig. svirepost, nečovečnost, divljaštvo. (šp.)

2. ljudožderstvo


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