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ETYM Late Lat. cambium exchange, from Latin cambire to exchange. It was supposed that cambium was sap changing into wood.
1. Formative one-cell-thick layer of tissue between xylem and phloem in most vascular plants that is responsible for secondary growth.
2. The inner layer of the periosteum.
Soft tissue found in trees; soft enveloping tissue of trees from which new tissues are formed. cambial.
In botany, a layer of actively dividing cells (lateral meristem), found within stems and roots, that gives rise to secondary growth in perennial plants, causing an increase in girth. There are two main types of cambium: vascular cambium, which gives rise to secondary xylem and phloem tissues, and cork cambium (or phellogen), which gives rise to secondary cortex and cork tissues (see bark).

1. kambijum

muški rodbotanika

Formiran sloj ćelije između kore i drvenog dela biljke čijim deobama delovi biljke (koren, stablo, grana) debljaju. (lat.)