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browse [ glagol ]
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To eat lightly, try different dishes; SYN. graze.
To look around casually and randomly, as through files and directories on a computer.

brstiti [ glagol ]

Otkidati i jesti brst.

brstiti lišće [ glagol ]

pasti travu [ glagol ]

pregledati površno [ glagol ]

razgledati [ glagol ]

čitati bez plana [ glagol ]

pasti [ glagol {agrar} ]

Jesti travu sa livade (o preživarima).

browse [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. brost, broust, sprout, shoot, French brouter browse, browsewood, prob. from Old High Germ. burst, German borste, bristle; cf. also Armor. brousta to browse. Related to Bristle, Brush.
(Homonym: brows).
Reading superficially or at random; SYN. browsing.
The act of feeding by continual nibbling; SYN. browsing.

mladi izdanci [ N/A ]

brst [ muški rod ]

browse [ imenica {računari} ]
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pretraživanje [ imenica {računari} ]

Dugme koje otvara prozor ili okvir za dijalog koji vam omogućava da tumbate po diskovima ili direktorijuma u naporu da nađete traženu datoteku.
Traženje nečega na Vebu.

browse [ glagol {računari} ]
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To scan a database, a list of files, or the Internet, either for a particular item or for anything that seems to be of interest. Generally, browsing implies observing, rather than changing, information. In unauthorized computer hacking, browsing is a (presumably) nondestructive means of finding out about an unknown computer after illegally gaining entry.

pretraživati [ glagol ]

prelistavati [ glagol ]

čitati [ glagol ]

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