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Sinonimi: bronchial tube

ETYM New Lat., from Greek bronchos windpipe. Related to Bronchia.
One of a pair of large tubes (bronchii) branching off from the windpipe and passing into the vertebrate lung. Apart from their size, bronchii differ from the bronchioles in possessing cartilaginous rings, which give rigidity and prevent collapse during breathing movements.
Numerous glands in the wall of the bronchus secrete a slimy mucus, which traps dust and other particles; the mucus is constantly being propelled upward to the mouth by thousands of tiny hairs or cilia. The bronchus is adversely effected by several respiratory diseases and by smoking, which damages the cilia and therefore the lung-cleansing mechanism.
Either of the two main branches of the trachea; SYN. bronchial tube.

1. bronhija

ženski rodanatomija

2. bronhus

muški rodanatomija

Dušnik, grkljan; up. bronhije.

3. dušnica

ženski rodanatomija

Svaka od dve grane na koje se račva dušnik.
Dušnica kroz hilus prodire u odgovarajuće pluće u kome se deli na manje grane vidljive golim okom (bronhije).

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