brightness | englesko - srpski prevod



Sinonimi: cleverness | smartness

ETYM AS. beorhines. Related to Bright.
The perceived quality of radiance or luminosity of a visible object. Brightness is literally in the eye (and mind) of the beholder; a candle in the night appears brighter than the same candle under incandescent lights. Although its subjective value cannot be measured with physical instruments, brightness can be measured as luminance (radiant energy). The brightness component of a color is different from its color (the hue) and from the intensity of its color (the saturation). See also color model, HSB.
1. Intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty; SYN. cleverness, smartness.
2. The location of a visual perception along the black-to-white continuum.

1. bistrina

ženski rod

Bistrost, bistroća.

2. jasnoća

ženski rod

Razumljivost, razgovetnost.

3. sjaj

muški rod


4. sjajnost

ženski rod

5. svetlost

ženski rod

Svetlo, osvetljenje.

6. um

muški rod

Pamet, intelekt, razum.

7. veselost

ženski rod