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Prevod reči: breakaway

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breakaway [ pridev ]
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Designed to break or tear or come apart easily.
Having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude; SYN. separatist.

lomljiv [ pridev ]

breakaway [ imenica ]
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One that breaks away; a departure from or rejection of (as a group or tradition)
A play (as in hockey) in which an offensive player breaks free of the defenders and rushes toward the goal; a sudden acceleration by one or more bicyclists pulling away from the pack in a race
An object made to shatter or collapse under pressure or impact
The act of breaking away or withdrawing from; SYN. breaking away.

lažni start [ muški rod ]

odvajanje [ imenica ]

Separisanje, separacija.

stampedo [ muški rod ]

Divlje bežanje grla u krdu.

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