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Sinonimi: memorial tablet | plaque

ETYM Old Eng. bras, bres, AS. braes; akin to Icel. bras cement, solder, brasa to harden by fire, and to Eng. braze, brazen.
1. An alloy of copper and zinc.
2. An ornament or utensil made of brass.
3. A memorial tablet made of brass; SYN. memorial tablet, plaque.
Metal alloy of copper and zinc, with not more than 5% or 6% of other metals. The zinc content ranges from 20% to 45%, and the color of brass varies accordingly from coppery to whitish yellow. Brasses are characterized by the ease with which they may be shaped and machined; they are strong and ductile, resist many forms of corrosion, and are used for electrical fittings, ammunition cases, screws, household fittings, and ornaments.
Brasses are usually classed into those that can be worked cold (up to 25% zinc) and those that are better worked hot (about 40% zinc).

1. bronza

ženski rodhemija

Tuč, legura (slitina) bakra, cinka i gvožđa.

2. mesing

muški rodhemija

Legura bakra i cinka; ima široku primenu u industriji.
Slitina, metalna masa (legura) bakra sa 40% cinka (ta razmera može biti i drukčija).

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