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brace [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. brace, brasse, the two arms, embrace, fathom, French brasse fathom, from Latin bracchia the arms (stretched out), pl. of bracchium arm.
A structural member used to stiffen a framework; SYN. bracing.
A support that steadies or strengthens something else.
An appliance that corrects dental irregularities; SYN. braces.
Either of two punctuation marks ([ or ]) used to enclose textual material.
Rope on a square-rigged ship that is used to swing a yard about and secure it.
The stock of a tool used for turning a drilling bit; SYN. bitstock.
Straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural); SYN. suspender, gallus.

kopča [ ženski rod ]

Zakačka, spona, spojka; prenosno: brzo shvatanje suštine, smisla (tur.).

naramenice [ N/A {odevanje} ]


podržna šina za vertikalu [ ženski rod {medicina} ]

praća [ ženski rod {nautika} ]

par [ muški rod ]

Dvoje, momak i devojka.

spoj [ muški rod ]

Kontakt, veza.

štit [ muški rod ]

Starinsko odbrambeno oružje, odbrambneo oruđe viteza.

spona [ ženski rod ]

Veza, spojnica, kopča, spojka, kopula.

remen [ muški rod ]


potpora [ ženski rod ]

Podupirač, potporanj, oslon.

podupirač [ muški rod ]

Potpora, potporanj.

veza [ ženski rod ]

Relacija, odnos, spoj, kopula.

zagrada [ ženski rod ]

zatega [ ženski rod ]

dvoje [ imenica ]


brace [ glagol ]
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To prepare (oneself) for something unpleasant or difficult; SYN. poise.
To support by bracing.
To support or hold steady, as if with a brace; SYN. steady.

napregnuti [ glagol ]


okrepiti se [ glagol ]

podupreti [ glagol ]

pripremiti se [ glagol ]

upreti [ glagol ]

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