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(1783-1830) South American nationalist, leader of revolutionary armies, known as the Liberator. He fought the Spanish colonial forces in several uprisings and eventually liberated his native Venezuela 1821, Colombia and Ecuador 1822, Peru 1824, and Bolivia (a new state named for him, formerly Upper Peru) 1825.
Born in Venezuela, he joined that country’s revolution against Spain in 1810, and in the following year he declared Venezuela independent. His army was soon defeated by the Spanish, however, and he was forced to flee. Many battles and defeats followed, and it was not until 1819 that Bolívar won his first major victory, defeating the Spanish in Colombia and winning independence for that country. He went on to liberate Venezuela 1821 and (along with Antonio Sucre) Ecuador 1822. These three countries were united into the republic of Gran Colombia with Bolívar as its president. In 1824 Bolívar helped bring about the defeat of Spanish forces in Peru, and the area known as Upper Peru was renamed “Bolivia” in Bolívar’s honor. Within the next few years, Venezuela and Ecuador seceded from the union, and in 1830 Bolívar resigned as president. He died the same year, despised by many for his dictatorial ways but since revered as South America’s greatest liberator.

1. Bolivar

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Južnoamerički nacionalist, oslobodio Venecuelu, Kolumbiju, Ekvador, Peru i Boliviju (ranije Gornji Peru) od Španije.

bolivar | englesko - srpski prevod



The basic unit of money in Venezuela; equal to 100 centimos.

1. bolivar

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Novac u Venecueli, zlatna moneta (novac) Venecuele (nazvan po Simonu Bolivaru, borcu za slobodu te zemlje).

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