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blister [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng.; akin to OD. bluyster, from the same root as blast, bladder, blow. Related to Blow to eject wind.
(Pathology) An elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid; SYN. bulla, bleb.
An elevation of the epidermis containing watery liquid.
An enclosed raised spot (as in paint) resembling a blister.
An agent (as lewisite) that causes blistering.
A fungal disease of plants marked by raised patches on the leaves.
Any of various structures that bulge out (as a gunner's compartment on a bomber.

mehur [ muški rod ]

mehurić [ muški rod ]

plik [ muški rod {medicina} ]

Mehur na koži koji leti najčešće nastaje trenjem novim sandala ili cipela. Može nastati i od opekotina.

prišt [ muški rod ]

Gnojni potkožni otok, čir.

blister [ glagol ]
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To get blistery.
To scorch with words; SYN. whip.
Swelling on the surface of the body containing clear fluid (serum) or, more rarely, blood or pus. Blisters occur mostly on the skin of the hands or feet and are caused by friction.

pokriti se plikovima [ glagol ]

izazvati plikove [ glagol ]

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