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biodiversity [ imenica ]
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(contraction of biological diversity) Measure of the variety of the Earth's animal, plant, and microbial species; of genetic differences within species; and of the ecosystems that support those species. Its maintenance is important for ecological stability and as a resource for research into, for example, new drugs and crops. In the 20th century, the destruction of habitats is believed to have resulted in the most severe and rapid loss of biodiversity in the history of the planet.
Estimates of the number of species vary widely because many species-rich ecosystems, such as tropical forests, contain unexplored and unstudied habitats. Especially among small organisms, many are unknown; for instance, it is thought that only 1–1of the world's bacterial species have been identified. The most significant threat to biodiversity comes from the destruction of rainforests and other habitats in the southern hemisphere. It is estimated that of the Earth's surface hosts 50–7of the world's biological diversity. Costa Rica, for example, has an area less than 1of the size of France but possesses three times as many vertebrate species.
In 19an international convention for the preservation of biodiversity was signed by over 1world leaders. The convention called on industrialized countries to give financial and technological help to developing countries to allow them to protect and manage their natural resources, and profit from growing commercial demand for genes and chemicals from wild species. However, the convention was weakened by the US's refusal to sign because of fears it would undermine the patents and licenses of biotechnology companies.

biodiverzitet [ muški rod ]

Raznolikost života.

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