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Belfast [ imenica {geologija} ]
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Capital and largest city of Northern Ireland; the center of Irish Protestantism; Also called: capital of Northern Ireland.
City in Maine (USA); zip code 04915.
Unincorporated community in Pennsylvania (USA).
City and industrial port in County Antrim and County Down, Northern Ireland, at the mouth of the river Lagan on Belfast Lough; the capital of Northern Ireland since 192Protestants form the majority in E Belfast, Catholics in the W). It is the county town of County Antrim. Industries include shipbuilding, engineering, electronics, aircraft, textiles, tobacco, linen, rope, and fertilizers. Since 19the city has been heavily damaged by civil disturbances.
Belfast grew up around a castle built 11by John de Courcy. With the settlement of English and Scots, Belfast became a center of Irish Protestantism in the 17th century. An influx of Huguenots after 16extended the linen industry, and the 18Act of Union with England resulted in the promotion of Belfast as an industrial center. It was created a city 188with a lord mayor from 1892.

Belfast [ muški rod {geologija} ]

Glavni grad Republike Irske.

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