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Sinonimi: fluff | frippery | frivolity | bar billiards

ETYM French, from Italian bagatella; cf. Prov. Italian bagata trifle, Old Fren. bague, Pr. bagua, bundle. Related to Bag.
(game) Game resembling billiards but played on a board with numbered cups instead of pockets. The aim is to get the nine balls into the cups. In ordinary bagatelle each player delivers all the balls in turn; in French bagatelle two or four players take part alternately.
1. Something of little value or significance; SYN. fluff, frippery, frivolity.
2. A light piece of music for piano.
3. (British) A table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by wooden pegs; penalties are incurred if the pegs are knocked over; SYN. bar billiards.

1. bagatela

ženski rod

Sitnica, malenkost, igračka, tričarija, sitnarija; jeftina cena; mali i lak muzički komad.

2. sitnica

ženski rod

Beznačajnost, tričarija, trica.

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