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bad [ pridev ]
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Characterized by wickedness or immorality; SYN. immoral.
Having undesirable or negative qualities
Capable of harming
Feeling physical discomfort or pain; ('tough' is occasionally used colloquially for 'bad' as in); SYN. tough.
Below average in quality or performance
Keenly sorry or regretful; SYN. sorry.
Very intense; SYN. big.
Reproduced fraudulently; SYN. forged.
Physically unsound or diseased; SYN. unfit, unsound.
1Not working properly; SYN. defective.
1Not financially safe or secure; SYN. insecure, risky, high-risk, speculative.
1Not capable of being collected; SYN. uncollectible.
1(Of foodstuffs) Not in an edible or usable condition; SYN. spoiled, spoilt.
1(Linguistics; informal) Incorrect; not conforming to standard usage

bolestan [ pridev ]

loš [ pridev ]

Nije dobar, reč koja označava da nešto više nije ispravno ili da više ne može da obavlja svoj posao.

neispravan [ pridev ]

nemoralan [ pridev ]

nepovoljan [ pridev ]

neprijatan [ pridev ]

nevaljao [ pridev ]

pokvaren [ pridev ]

poročan [ pridev ]

razvratan [ pridev ]

rđav [ pridev ]

Opak, zao.
Zarđao, napadnut rđom.

truo [ pridev ]


zao [ pridev ]

Opak, zlonameran.

štetan [ pridev ]

bad [ prilog ]
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zlo [ prilog ]

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