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average [ pridev ]
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(Statistics) Approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value; SYN. mean.
Around the middle of a scale of evaluation of physical measures; SYN. intermediate, medium.
Lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered; SYN. ordinary.
Of no exceptional quality or ability; SYN. fair, mediocre, middling.

običan [ pridev ]

Koji se ničim ne ističe.

osrednji [ pridev ]

prosečan [ pridev ]

srednji [ pridev ]

average [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. average, Late Lat. averagium, prob. from Old Fren. aver, French avoir, property, horses, cattle, etc.; prop. infin., to have, from Latin habere to have.
A statistic describing the location of a distribution; SYN. norm.

havarija [ ženski rod ]

Kvar; (fin.) šteta pretrpljena na brodu prilikom bure; obalarina.

prosek [ muški rod ]

Srednja mera, prosečna, srednja vrednost.

srednja vrednost [ ženski rod ]

kuluk feudalcu [ ženski rod ]

šteta [ ženski rod {nautika} ]

average [ glagol ]
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To achieve or reach on average.
To amount to or come to an average, without loss or gain; SYN. average out.
To compute the average of; SYN. average out.
Commerce, loss to owners due to damage to ship or cargo at sea; assessing of incidence of such loss in proportion among interested parties. average adjuster, professional assessor of marine insurance claims who apportions them among owners, underwriters, etc.
In statistics, a term used inexactly to indicate the typical member of a set of data. It usually refers to the arithmetic mean. The term is also used to refer to the middle member of the set when it is sorted in ascending or descending order (the median), and the most commonly occurring item of data (the mode), as in “the average family”.

iznositi prosečno [ glagol ]

naći prosek [ glagol ]

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