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ETYM Old Eng. aturneye, Old Fren. atorné, p. p. of atorner: cf. Late Lat. atturnatus, attornatus, from attornare. Related to Attorn.
1. One who is legally appointed by another to transact any business for him; an attorney in fact.
2. A legal agent qualified to act for suitors and defendants in legal proceedings; an attorney at law.
3. A substitute; a proxy; an agent.
Accredited agent in law or finance; solicitor; American, counsel or solicitor. power of attorney, authorization to act as agent. Attorney General, chief law officer of Crown.
Person who represents another in legal matters. In the US, attorney is the formal title for a lawyer.
See also power of attorney.

1. advokat

muški rod

Pravni zastupnik. Pravozastupnik, pravobranilac, branitelj, odvetnik.

2. pravozastupnik

muški rod

3. punomoćnik

muški rod

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