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attack [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French attaque.
An assault on someone; SYN. attempt.
An offensive move in a sport or game.
The beginning of an offensive; SYN. onslaught, onset, onrush.
Turning one's attention to a problem or a job etc.; SYN. assault.
A sudden occurrence of an uncontrollable condition.
A decisive manner of beginning a musical tone or phrase; SYN. tone-beginning.

juriš [ muški rod {vojska} ]

Jurišni napad, navala, napadaj vojske; trkom na neprijateljsku vojsku ili na utvrđeni položaj neprijateljev.

napad [ muški rod ]

Nasrt, nalet, atak.

nastupanje [ imenica ]


udar [ muški rod ]

attack [ glagol ]
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To launch an attack or assault on; begin hostilities with, as in warfare; SYN. assail.
To begin to injure.
To attack verbally, in speech or writing; SYN. round, assail, lash out, snipe, assault.
To take the initiative and go on the offensive; SYN. aggress.
To set to work upon; turn one's energies vigorously to a task.

jurišati [ glagol ]

napadati [ glagol ]

napasti [ glagol ]

pogoditi [ glagol ]

razoriti [ glagol ]

zahvatiti [ glagol ]

atakirati [ glagol ]

Napasti, napadati, navaliti, udariti na nekoga; med., spopasti, spopadati, najedati, nagrizati; fig., napasti, napadati, vređati, ustati otvoreno protiv koga.
Vršiti atak na prepreku (o konju).

atakovati [ glagol ]

Napadati, navaliti, nasrtati; vređati (fr.)

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