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around [ prilog ]
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ETYM Pref. a- + round.
By a circular or circuitous route.
In a circle or circular motion.
In circumference.
To a particular destination either specified or understood.

oko [ prilog ]

naokolo [ prilog ]

Ukrug, uokolo.

nedaleko [ prilog ]


okolo [ prilog ]

Ukrug, unaokolo.

otprilike [ prilog ]

Približno, nagrubo.

približno [ prilog ]

Otprilike, nagrubo.

u blizini [ prilog ]

unaokolo [ prilog ]


uokolo [ prilog ]

Ukrug, naokolo.

za [ prilog ]

Nije protiv.

around [ predlog ]
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1 On all sides of; so as to encircle or enclose; so as to avoid or get past; on or to another side of; near
In all directions outward from
Here and there in or throughout
So as to have a center or basis in

po [ predlog ]

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