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ETYM Latin archon, Greek, ruler, chief magistrate, p. pr. of archos to be first, to rule.
(Greek “ruler”) In ancient Greece, title of the chief magistrate in many cities.
A chief magistrate of ancient Athens.
In Athens, there were originally three: the king archon, the eponymous archon, and the polemarch. Their numbers were later increased to nine, with the extra six keeping a record of judgments. The king archon was the elected king and religious representative of the state; the eponymous archon, by whose personal name the administrative year was known in Athens, was the head of state and supreme judge; the polemarch was in charge of state security and commanded the army.
One of the chief magistrates in ancient Athens, especially, by preeminence, the first of the nine chief magistrates.

1. predsednik

muški rod

2. vladar

muški rod

Vladalac, upravnik, gospodar.

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