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Sinonimi: anthracite coal | hard coal

ETYM Latin anthracites a kind of bloodstone; from Greek, like coals, from anthrax, coal or charcoal. Related to Anthrax.
A hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat; SYN. anthracite coal, hard coal.
Hard, dense, shiny variety of coal, containing over 90% carbon and a low percentage of ash and impurities, which causes it to burn without flame, smoke, or smell. Because of its purity, anthracite gives off relatively little sulfur dioxide when burned.
Anthracite gives intense heat, but is slow-burning and slow to light; it is therefore unsuitable for use in open fires. Its characteristic composition is thought to be due to the action of bacteria in disintegrating the coal-forming material when it was laid down during the Carboniferous period.
Among the chief sources of anthracite coal are Pennsylvania in the US; S Wales, UK; the Donbas, Ukraine and Russia; and Shanxi province, China.

1. antracit

muški rodmineral

Najkaloričniji ugalj, najbolji kameni ugalj koji ima visoku kaloričnu vrednost.
Najstariji fosilni ugalj, najbolja vrsta uglja.

2. ugalj

muški rod

Prirodno čvrsto gorivo.

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