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Sinonimi: obliteration | disintegration

ETYM Cf. French annihilation.
1. Destruction by annihilating something; SYN. obliteration.
2. Total destruction; SYN. disintegration.
In nuclear physics, a process in which a particle and its “mirror image” particle called an antiparticle collide and disappear, with the creation of a burst of energy.
The energy created is equivalent to the mass of the colliding particles in accordance with the mass–energy equation. For example, an electron and a positron annihilate to produce a burst of high-energy X-rays.
Not all particle-antiparticle interactions result in annihilation; the exception concerns the group called mesons, which are composed of quarks and their antiquarks. See antimatter.

1. istrebljenje


2. ništenje


3. poništenje


Anuliranje, anulacija, raskid, raskidanje.

4. uništenje


Uništavanje, satiranje.

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