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annihilation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French annihilation.
Destruction by annihilating something; SYN. obliteration.
Total destruction; SYN. disintegration.
In nuclear physics, a process in which a particle and its “mirror image” particle called an antiparticle collide and disappear, with the creation of a burst of energy.
The energy created is equivalent to the mass of the colliding particles in accordance with the mass–energy equation. For example, an electron and a positron annihilate to produce a burst of high-energy X-rays.
Not all particle-antiparticle interactions result in annihilation; the exception concerns the group called mesons, which are composed of quarks and their antiquarks. See antimatter.

istrebljenje [ imenica ]

poništenje [ imenica ]

Anuliranje, anulacija, raskid, raskidanje.

uništenje [ imenica ]

Uništavanje, satiranje.

ništenje [ imenica ]

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